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Black Wolf Dojo
Sensei & HatsumiBlack Wolf Dojo is taught by Sensei Heeg. Black Wolf dojo offers traditional Budo taijutsu, from the Bujinkan in Japan. Taijutsu is focused on self defence in hand to hand combat.

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Way of The Dragon Dojo

Sensei and Ms.K

Black Wolf Dojo

Sensei and Hatsumi



We train to be extremely precise. Being precise means you don't have to rely on brute force or extreme speed. It also allows us to feel safe training and demonstrating to others that we will not accidentally harm them. The techniques we use are very effective and can be used by the strong or the weak.


The Cabin

Our cabin lies on ground once inhabited by First People, or Native Americans,
under the leadership of chief Little Turtle. This is just one of the many box
turtles we have found at the cabin.


Team Work

We believe that teamwork is an integral part of living life. We try to create situation where people learn to work together and help each other accomplish a common goal.